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. david lee. >> reporter: you know, megyn of all five boroughs that comprise new york city staten island arguably the hardest hit. earlier you said a picture is worth a thousand words. take a look at this. this must be worth a million words. this boat like so many others here carried by the force of the water more than one hundred yards. joining me right now is the owner of a restaurant, the marina cafe, he lives in the community. joey delessio. to what extent have you received help from authorities. >> i'd say to this point zero percent. >> what is the problem. >> first thing we need is the streets opened up so there is passageways for emergency vehicles, police vehicles, god forbid a fire, somebody gets sick, dies, whatever the case maybe. we need the access to get in and out of the streets. number two we need a police presence down here. restaurants, homes and boats are being looted left and right down here. and we need electricity. i understand there are more important neighborhoods where they are trying to save lives. i think that should be on a priority list also. people may eventu
on the campaign trail with five days to go. new york city commuters enduring hours and hours -- normally we have an hour, hour and a half commute, that is not unusual for new yorkers. we are talking four, five hour commutes in bumper-to-bumper traffic to get in and do their jobs. like everyone else in the country the folks that work in manhattan need their paychecks. we are seeing vehicles packing the gas stations that still have fuel. some waiting in lines that are miles long but patients is not long it is short and it is getting shorter by the day. trace gallagher following the traffic nightmare, trace. >> reporter: before i show you more of the crazy pictures megyn and they are crazy i want to give you the problem in a nutshell, the new york metro area gets 25% of its gas from two refineries, those refineries are shut down. the new york harbor 20% comes through the new york harbor it's shut down. the gulf coast pipeline 15% comes through that, that is now shut down. 60% of the gas that comes in that region is not getting in, and so what happens is the reason you have these long lines you're a
to do, but we need your support, sir. reporter: the new york city officials tried to answer the questions or at least give residents solace that staten island would be back. >> we just don't come back. we want to come back stronger than ever. do you know why? because we are a family and my community. megyn: that was jon heady john heady reporting for our fox affiliate, wnyw. we are expecting some much-needed help. we are to have some pictures of a secret santa visiting new york and new jersey, giving crisp 100-dollar bills to those in need. many storm victims breaking into tears as the man stuff the cash into their hands. the anonymous philanthropist from missouri plans to give away $100,000 this holiday season. he says it's not about the money. his mission is to inspire others to commit random acts of kindness. consider that. you heard that story today. did you hear the story about the new york city cop and the homeless guy and the boots? he saw his exposed feet in the cold weather here? think about it. what if we all just pause and give something. is washington tries to he
. megyn: thank you both so much. up next, a possible serial killer on the loose in new york city. also coming up next, a little bit later, we will talk with marc berman on developments in the o.j. simpson case. megyn: fox news alert, this is just coming in across the wires, we are being told that the first soldier of the israeli army has been killed in a rocket strike. this is the first soldier we're told to be killed in a rocket strike in israel in connection with this gaza conflict. that's all we know at this hour. we don't know when or anymore circumstances, but the death toll continues to rise in this region, and you heard leland vittert say moments ago that ironically perhaps a sign that a ceasefire may be coming is the increase of rocket fire between the two sides who may understand that the diplomats are trying to broker a peace, and they don't have much longer to keep trying to kill each other. we'll have more on that as we get it. >>> we're tracking a story about the serial killer who may be on the loose in new york city. this man who they call john doe duffel bag about why he
was a korean war veteran and a retired custodian at the new york city police academy. so far at least 113 people have died since sandy made landfall two weeks ago. >>> as the president prepares to launch a coast-to-coast case for big tax hikes, there are new questions about where the money is going. tom coburn made this point about federal spending and regulation on "meet the press." >> there is no question that have a government that's twice the size it was 11 years ago. shannon: we investigated. so is the senators claim true? turns out, it is. and some of the other numbers we found weringstaggering. brad blakeman and dick harpootlian, gentlemen, welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. shannon: all right, brad, i want to start with you. that is just one of many numbers we uncovered that showed there's an explosion in the growth of the federal government, so are we pouring gasoline on the fire by giving the government more money to spend instead of a focus on cutting back? >> you bet we are. how is it possible that the government grows 100% in 13 years? regulation is up and the 1
notice attached to the front door that was a surprise from the new york city building department. look at damage at this house. the waves knocked it off its foundation. it floated to the building next door and hit this house. imagine this is your home, then you come home and see this attached to your front door. a notice of deficiency and says you are notified there is a deficiency at this address and you are ordered to remedy the deficiency. the folks here just can't believe it. >> i think the city needs to work with us, not against us. to impose a fine and threaten violations. look around. people who obviously never stepped foot here. if you saw what was going on here you wouldn't have the nerve to put that on our door. >> reporter: the city says the violations were issued simply to document the damage that was done. take a look at this. despite all the hardships, old glory still dropped up between two krindser blocks. -- between two cinder blocks. and some are getting their water back. megyn: a shocking story of how far our kids are going to chase image of the perfect body. why ster
very much. rick: about 11,000 shoppers lining up for the opening at macy's in new york city, that's up from 9-10,000 who came for the opening last year. for a lot of people, it's just secondary to being one of the first at the world's most recognizable stores on black friday. we hear out-of-towners far outnumbered the locals. the prices here in the u.s. are much cheaper than overseas. heather: this holiday season isn't expected to be as strong as holidays past. the national retail federation expecting sales to grow by just over 4%. that isn't as much as last year. the group also expects 147 million people to shop through sunday, and that's down five million from 152 million during the same weekend last year. in our next hour, we will ask a business expert what fewer shoppers means for the overall economy. ♪ ♪ rick: shifting gears now overseas, the hamas terrorist group is accusing israel of breaking the ceasefire rules agreed to only a couple of days ago, two days after a truce was reached along the israel/gaza border. the shooting death of a palestinian man today could threaten th
to see delays for the new york city area as well as newark. so just call ahead if you are traveling, that's always a good idea. your thanksgiving day. here is our turkey. 51 in new york for the parade. there is another turkey it was supposed to make noise, though. megyn: it's got the right idea. run, run. don't you find it sick that we celebrate thanksgiving by showing the turkey and celebrating these live cute little turkeys and we all know what's going to happen to the turkey. >> reporter: you just ruined it for me. megyn: it's a little sick. >> reporter: these turkeys are safe here is what i would like. tomorrow instead of that crawl we typically see that gives us the news. how about turkeys all day long. turkeys we won't eat. i'm going to have a non-turkey feast base of that. megyn: i'm going to eat the turkey but i'm going to feel bad about it and that's what makes me a good person. >> reporter: i'm thankful for a lot of things. i'm thankful for you. megyn: see you soon. florida senator marco rubio was asked about the age of the earth and the senator and presidential hope filth many
realistic military missions. jay carney announced the president will be traveling to the new york city area to view clean up efforts after hurricane sandy. we are told people are still huddled in their home in the hardest hit parts of staten island with no power and no heat, not because they have nowhere else to go. but because they are worried about losing what little they have left. >> reporter: we are hearing reports of criminals going door to door claiming to be rescue workers and when nobody is home they go in and help themselves. over the past three or four days the number of looting reports has gone down. but if you look around you can clearly see that people are taking no chances and they are staying put inside their homes with no power. listen. >> the first couple days we were okay. then the looting started. then the anger started to boil and a lot of tension and stress and reality what's happening started to hit home. that we are on our own. >> reporter: because they are staying at home with no power and using gas generators we are seeing more and more cases of carbon monoxide poi
come many? when did you see them? >> okay, the new york city department of sanitation was prepared days before the storm hit, and immediately after the storm we were on the streets. fema started showing up with equipment approximately 5-7 days later. >> reporter: all right. so the issue is you were saying the reason why the houses butter in breezy point and in the rockaways is what? >> accessibility. the fire department could not get to it. >> reporter: rye? >> debris, sand, water in the streets. >> reporter: so they really needed you guys to clear it before you could stop the burning of those houses. so what we're seeing, megyn, is learnly -- essentially, the weight of this is approaching the weight of the empire state building, the amount of garbage and debris, and what we're seeing is memory, houses in these piles, also you're going to see washing machines, refrigerators off in the distance. and, megyn, the other story, too, is the epa and the county of health is here, right, chief hickey? why are they here in that regard? >> the epa's here to capture any chemicals, motor oil, toxic,
is relative here in new york city. just like in your town, right? ♪ megyn: that is the kind of report that makes nana pick up the phone and call me and say why do you live in that city? okay. there is a new government watchdog report just released to congress today that suggests that replacing the dollar, the dollar bill, with a coin could save the government billions in printing costs. the idea has the backing of some major players on capitol hill, but average americans have typically not been too keen on the idea. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom. trace? >> reporter: megyn, thank you for coming to class. the argument goes as follows, the paper dollar costs 5.2 cents to produce, right? but it lasts less than five years in circulation. that dollar coin you were talking about? it costs 15 cents to produce, but look at that, it lasts more than 30 years in circulation, so it costs three times as much, but it lasts at least six times as long, and it could go for much longer than that. government savings over those 30 years of $4.4 billion. ah, but there's a problem you poin
. your -- than your opponent. tomorrow you are going up to new york city where you will see people suffering from the effects of hurricane sandy. people say it's further evidence of how a warming globe is change our weather. what do you plan to do in a second term to tackle the issue of climate change and do you think the political will exists in washington to pass legislation that could include some kind of a tax on carbon? >> as you know, mark, we can't attribute any particular weather event to climate change. what we do know is the temperature around the globes increasing. faster than was predicted even 10 years ago. we do know the arctic ice cap is melting faster than was predicted even five years ago. we do know that there have been extraordinarily -- there have been an extraordinarily large number of severe weather events here in north america but also around the globe. and i am a firm believer that climate change is real. it's impacted by human behavior and carbon emissions, and as a consequence i think we have an obligation to future generations to do something about it. in
. megyn: you live in new york already 50%, between the state and city and feds you already pay 50%. >> what is the fair share? you will pay it. you tell me we will solve the fiscal cliff, we'll solve the debt problems, we'll deal with a dysfunctional government, we will resolve that, you tax me, you tell me what the number is, my wife and i will sign up. the fact of the matter most americans feel the same way but that isn't the issue. the issue is over 60% of the federal budget right now is going to entitlements. it is unsustainable. we have $4 trillion in unfunded and unfunded liabilities to public employees whether at local, the state, the county or federal level. we have a crisis here and we have, we have elected officials in both parties of the senate, of the house, and the white house acting irresponsibly and i think frankly, if it weren't so serious it would be laughable because they continue to posture. they will have their little charts out there. they will have their little pies. their little bar charts. it is really going tock comical. megyn: it is a populist argument. w
to them. just this morning we learned that new york governor andrew cuomo, listen to this, fired this guy. it was cuomo's emergency management direct. why was stephen kerr fired in the midst of a crisis? because he allegedly diverted a crew from helping storm-ravaged victims to his own driveway because there was a fallen tree. good-bye, stephen, take care. megyn: word coming out of the middle east today that iran is set to hold massive military drills this weekend. 8,000 troops will take part in the war games and will show off ann's jet fighters -- iran's jet fighters, drones and defense fighters. leland vittert has more. >> reporter: megyn, we're still trying to figure out whether these drills by the iranians are meant to drum up support, rally the troops if you will, or scare the rest of the region. so far we know about 8,000 troops participating in this, and it will take up much of eastern iran starting this weekend and going all the way in to next week. normally, we don't see anything new in terms of weapons during these drills, but it certainly serves as a warning about the kinds of
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)